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* Now showing in our Focus Gallery: 'Are You Looking At Me?' A Juried Portrait Exhibition. April 29th-Sept 29th, 2016! Opening Reception April 29th 7-9pm! Light Refreshments. Best in Show Award presentation. Come Join Us!
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* William Kurelek's Bomb Shelter Studio is now a permanent installation in the WK Gallery! A intimate look into the close quartered studio of a self professed modern day scribe. Visit us and experience it today!
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Artist Info

Canadian naive painter born March 3rd, 1927, Whitford, Alberta, died November 3rd, 1977, Toronto, Ontario.   More here



1934 - The Kurelek family moved to Stonewall, north of Winnipeg, Manitoba.   More here



Someone With Me, Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls Art Gallery - Kurelek Collection. This 1988 autobiography...   More here


Our WK Collection

The centre-piece in the Gallery's permanent collection is the auto-biographical painting "All Things Betray Thee Who Betrayest Me." (1970) from...   More here

Illustrating his body of work, this collection includes numerous individual pieces, painting series, personal portfolios (including sketches and maquettes), archives and artifacts.

Although he studied art at a number of institutions world wide, he is largely self taught. His first one man show took place in 1960 at the Isaac's Gallery in Toronto which established the artist's presence and began his notoriety for nostalgic, illustrative and didactic paintings. From examining life growing up on the prairies, the history of various ethnic and regional groups, to religious, philosophical and social commentaries, Kurelek was an artist who was wholly reflective, critical and spiritual.