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William Kurelek
The Art, the Passion, the Man. Discover one of Canada's foremost artists here.
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Hours & Entry
Sun-Fri: Apt Only
Saturdays 12-4pm
M-F 12-4pm
Closed Weekends & Holidays
8058 Oakwood Drive
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Canada, L2E 6S5
QEW: McLeod Rd Ext.
S.B.-Turn Left, 1st Rt
N.B.-Turn Right, 1st Rt
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Mission Statement
Our commitment to promoting the arts in Niagara

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Arts Based Integrated Learning.

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Integrated Arts Research
Integrating Curriculum, Home, and Community From Confidence To Creativity.
Our Subsidiary Organizations
Niagara Children's Museum
Opened in 1999, the NCM offers programs that focus on art, structures, digital media and more.
Art Gallery of Welland
In 2006, the Art Gallery of Welland became the organization which oversees operations in Welland such as art classes and events.
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