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Home to possibly the largest collection of William Kurelek's work and accouterments, the Niagara Falls Art Gallery currently houses four major collections and three exhibiting spaces.
A cultural hub for Niagara, our programming and exhibitions are focused on promoting the arts from local community to national importance. Come and see What's going on at Your Gallery today! We are located at 8058 Oakwood Drive in Niagara Falls, Ontario just off the McLeod Road exit on the QEW.

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The Niagara Falls Art Gallery and its subsidiary organizations are a not for profit registered charitable organization (BN119250363RR0001).
All door contributions are used in operating and development costs. Tax receipts can be issued for contributions over $20 and mailed to the donors.
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The WK Gallery :
Showcasing our premiere collection, the William Kurelek Gallery space includes an installation of the artist's studio, "All Things Betray Thee Who Betrayest Me.", "Nuclear Age Madonna", displays from the Passion of Christ series and numerous other works which appear permanently or on rotation.
The Focus Gallery :
Our Focus Gallery provides a space for various theme and interest exhibitions as well as special events. Display periods vary and are changed frequently. Presentations may come from any of the Gallery's collections, various calls for submissions or the Niagara Falls Art Gallery's event calendar.
The OS Gallery :
Due to spatial limitations, the Niagara Falls Art Gallery's vast collection required an expansion to the previously allocated vault space and the Open Storage Gallery space was developed. This provides an excellent opportunity to view a rotating selection of work from our permanent collections while also providing a secured storage location for the works presented.
Artist Submissions & Exhibitions
The Niagara Falls Art Gallery will occasionally publish public calls for artist submissions for specific exhibitions with theme and content under the sole purview of the gallery and/or an affiliated partnered organization. Public calls for submissions will be announced through the website or via one or all of the gallery's social media platforms. Please visit the website regularly or follow our social media accounts for updates and news.

The Niagara Falls Art Gallery does not accept unsolicited requests for individual exhibitions however artists interested in submitting their curriculum vitae for potential exhibitions may do so with the following provisions:

  • The CV must be brief in length consisting no longer than 2 standard 8.5"x11" pages with no smaller than 10pt font.
  • No more than 4 images may be attached with the submitted CV measuring no greater than 500px in width or height nor greater than 2MB in size.
  • Artists must only submit their CV once with-in a calendar year - mulitple submissions will be disregarded as spam.
  • Individuals choosen for potential exhibitions will be contacted directly by the gallery. Please do not call the gallery in regards to your submission.
Due to the great number of submissions received, we appreciate your adherence to these provisions as they will help us expedite review & selection processes. Submissions which do not adhere to the afore mentioned provisions will unfortunately be disregarded as spam. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.





Illustrating his body of work, this collection includes numerous individual pieces, painting series, personal portfolios (including sketches and maquettes), archives and artifacts. Highlights: The Passion of Christ series, the Bomb Shelter and Love/Hate.



Donated in 2003, at over 400 pieces spanning over 3 centuries, the John Burniak Niagara Collection is an important provision to the community of a significant cultural resource representing a systematic art-historical overview of one of the leading cultural icons and landmarks in North America.

From the early 1700's to the 1950's, this growing anthology includes paintings of oil and watercolour, drawings of pencil, pen and ink, and pastel, as well as prints composed of engravings, lithographs, aquatints, serigraphs and etchings; all of which paint a vivid picture of our heritage.



Starting in 2012, Edward Schwartz began donating a sizable collection featuring works from the vaults of the infamous Isaacs Gallery in Toronto and beyond. This assemblage of work is a fantastic addition to the gallery as it illustrates works from Kurelek's contemporaries and beyond.



Largely thanks to the generous gifts Olha and Mykola Kolankiwsky, our permanent collection features about 200 works of art from both North American and European origins; while a considerable number of the work are of Ukranian decent, notable Canadian artists such as Tony Urquhart are among the artists present in this expanding collection.